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Download of the Day: Torch

Torch Browser
Having to bother downloading scores of add-ons to make your Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsing experience the best it can be is often annoying and can be remedied by simply choosing a different browser in the first place. Step forward Torch.

Why you need it

From the very outset Torch looks and acts like a clone of Google Chrome and you wouldn't be wrong to think that. There's so much more to Torch than simply its roots in the Google camp though.
Torch brings to the table a range of add-ons that allow you to grab media from a webpage, enjoy a Spotify-like listening experience, play games and even download the latest torrents without so much as a visit to the Chrome Web Store.

Key features

Works on: Windows PC
Price: Free
Torch Music: Play songs and videos from right inside the browser window by taking advantage of the service's YouTube integration.
Personalised Home: Various backdrops can be added to the initial start page that also features the date and time.
Torrent Friendly: With its own torrent client built-in you can search and download large files from inside the browser itself.


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