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Apple iWatch Event

Apple Watch event: What to expect today

Apple Watch live blog

Check the time because the Apple Watch launch event is happening today. It all kicks off at 10 AM Pacific, 1 AM Eastern and 5 PM GMT, and we'll be updating this live blog with all of the news as it breaks - so make sure you check back later.
The invite asked us to "Spring forward," confirming that this one's almost all about Apple's first smartwatch and giving us a helpful reminder of the US daylight savings time change.
Sure, we got hands on time with the Apple Watch at the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus launch event in September, but there were several key details missing about the "iWatch."
We're also anticipating a few more surprises from Cupertino, including an all-new MacBook and an update to iOS 8.2. Here's the rundown of what we expect.

1. Apple Watch release date

We kind of sort of know the Apple Watch release date. It's coming next month with an official April launch window, but we don't know the exact date.

Starting in April: Crush tiny people with your giant fingers

It's hard to set an iOS 8 reminder through Siri without further information. Luckily, this is one of the first things that Apple CEO Tim Cook will announce today.
Apple loves launching new iPhones and iPads on Fridays, so its smartwatch may be due in stores on one of four days: April 3, April 10, April 17 or April 24 if the pattern holds.

2. Apple Watch price

This will be one of the most expensive Apple Watch editions

And that's just the start. Apple Watch Sport is expected to be the cheapest edition with a lightweight aluminum casing, Ion-X glass and rubber-like fluoroelastomer band.
The regular Apple Watch, which will hopefully get a better name, upgrades to a stainless steel casing, sapphire glass and metal band options. That comes at a cost.
Reports indicate that the premium Apple Watch Watch Edition will cost as much as $10,000 and be kept in a safe because of its 18-karat gold value. We'll know for sure soon.
Apple Watch liveblog

3. Apple Watch battery life

The other burning question for this Apple Watch event surrounds how fast the smartwatch will burn through its battery life.
Tim Cook has previously said that it'll require daily charging, hinting that Apple's first wearable may not be able to be worn all day and night. Nightly recharges seem necessary.
That's typical of almost all modern smartwatches we have seen, except for the Pebble Time Steel, which has 10-day battery life, and other Pebble watches.
Of course, there are insane reports that the Apple Watch will last 2.5 hours. It's time for that to be put to rest and the all-important battery life detail to be known.

4. Apple Watch customisations

So you want to buy an Apple Watch in April, huh? Even already narrowed it down to one of the three confusingly named editions? Well, there are more choices to be had.

How will you be able to customize the Apple Watch?

Apple is expected to reveal everything about customizations. Currently, the website lists 34 Apple Watch designs, which seems to limit certain bands to certain editions and sizes.
However, there are also reports that the casing and bands may come separately, which would help users customize without getting stuck with an unwanted out-of-the-box style.
More about how users will be able to tweak the various watch faces should also be talked up today.

5. Apple Watch apps

The first Apple Watch apps make their debut. Notifications on the wrist are the real reason to own this iPhone-compatible smartwatch, but app makers are still hard at work.

We'll see the Apple Watch apps we'll want to wear

Keys apps for instant messaging, calendar alerts, remotely taking photos and social media posting are expected to be joined by plenty of ported-over Android Wear apps.
Specifically, we fancy the app Wear Aware, which alerts owners of Google-backed watches that their smartphone is out of a range. A WatchKit version of this app would do wonders for us and make the Apple Watch feel necessary.
Clearly there's plenty to announce in regards to the Apple Watch, but that's not all Tim Cook and company may have up their non-dominant hand sleeves.

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